'August: Osage County' Opens In Bartlesville To Excited Viewers

Friday, January 17th 2014, 11:23 pm
By: News On 6

"August-Osage County," finally opened in Bartlesville. It has the closest movie theatre to the county where most of the movie was filmed.

Movie fans there were saying the long wait was worth it.

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Maria Gus with the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce, said, "We've been waiting for this release with so much anticipation."

And it shows, the line at the Bartlesville movie theater was wrapped around the building at one point.

Many to see "August: Osage County."

Movie goer, Jerry Taylor, said, "I've told all my friends back in Michigan to go and watch the movie because it's an important thing for this area."

The movie was filmed in Osage and Washington Counties. Members of the star-studded cast and crew, like Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, stayed in hotels in town.

"It was kind of interesting to think some people like that were in my town where I was teaching," said Elaine Heightman.

"Many of the actors in the film are going on late night talk shows and mentioning the word Bartlesville or the Price Tower. It's great to have that kind of excitement and buzz around a film," said Gus

Betty-Jane Cummins waited in line for nearly an hour, only to find out the movie's Bartlesville debut was sold out, and she'd have to wait for the next showing.

"Oklahoma was not my original state, but I've been here so long, feel like its home," Cummins said. "I'm real proud of it. It's beautiful and I want to see this movie."

The movie showcased the great country side of the Sooner State.

"I think we're great. I just thought it was wonderful and I wanted to come see something shot about our own city and state," said Cummins.

The film, written by a Tulsan, opened in larger cities last week, but these Bartians wanted to see it locally.

"I like Bartlesville and I wanted to come here, not drive to Tulsa. It's about us," said Cummins.

The Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce is planning to make a map of all the locations where movie stars were spotted in Bartlesville, to capitalize on the popularity of "August: Osage County."