Rogers County Voters May Decide On Sunday Liquor Sales At Restaurants, Bars

Thursday, January 16th 2014, 11:24 pm
By: News On 6

Rogers County voters may get to decide if bars and restaurants can sell liquor on Sundays. The County Commissioners are expected to call for a vote on the issue later this month.

The man behind the idea says it's not a moral issue, it's an economic one.

At El Maguey's Mexican Restaurant in Claremore people show up for the great food, but some also enjoy the margaritas.

Chantal Vidal, the El Maguey Manager, said, "Most of the time we have customers on Sunday, they want to drink."

That is part of the reason Chantal Vidal would like to see Rogers County allow the sale of liquor on Sundays.

Currently, bars and restaurants can't serve alcohol on Sundays, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

"We have customers that leave because we don't have alcohol on Sundays, especially if they want to drink a margarita," said Vidal.

Dwayne Caldwell, a resident of Rogers County, is asking the county commissioners to put this issue on the June ballot.

"Personally, I don't drink, but it's an economic issue. It's not a moral issue." Caldwell said.

He said customers often go to Tulsa or Owasso on Sundays to wine and dine.

"The restaurants in Claremore are losing that money," said Caldwell. "We're hoping to get bigger restaurants, more restaurants and help the economic development of Claremore."

Although Caldwell supports selling alcohol on Sundays, there are plenty of people in town who don't.

One Claremore resident said that it's a religious day, and if you want to drink, you should drink at home."

"There's always the unintended,unwanted consequences of drinking, whether it's on Sunday or Wednesday morning," said Rogers County Commissioner Kirt Thacker.

Thacker said it should be up to the voters to decide if alcohol can be served on Sundays.

"The thought process here was whether than letting me decide, I'm going to let the people decide."

Either way, Vidal doesn't think it will hurt her business, but she's sure sales will improve if this law is changed.

Commissioners say this change would only impact restaurants and bars. Liquor stores would still be closed on Sundays.