Tulsa Doctor Takes Team And Family To Nicaragua To Provide Care

Friday, December 27th 2013, 4:16 pm
By: Dave Davis

A Tulsa doctor and his wife humbly call what they do, giving back.

But one village in Central America knows it's much more than that.

When you step into Doctor Stan and Barbara Grogg's house in Tulsa, you can see they've been just about everywhere.

But one place, Chacraseca Nicaragua, is where their passion burns brightest.

"I've always loved the Hispanic culture, even though it's very difficult for me to speak Spanish. It doesn't matter," Barbara Grogg said.

Dr. Grogg teaches pediatrics at Oklahoma State

This is the fifth year that the Groggs are leading a team, mostly of OSU Medicals students, on a one week trip to the tiny village.

They see up to 1,200 patients, three times the normal weekly load for an American physician.

Some of the villagers walk from miles away, and wait in line for up to eight hours.

"We take care of stomach disorders, skin disorders, all kinds of different types of things" Doctor Stan Grogg said, "and they're so appreciative to see the American doctors come in and it just gives you a very good sensation"

The village couldn't be more happy to see them.

Dr. Reina Somarriba is a doctor in Chacraseca and she has seen a complete change in her town.

"In terms of health, in terms of the economy. I've seen a great impact. I have been working here for 11 years, and have seen a total change," said Doctor Somarriba.

Besides medical care, the team and organizations, like DO Care & Tulsa-based Just Hope, have helped build houses, finance water wells, loan women money and build an Internet café all in Chacraseca.

But according to Barbara Grogg, there is really only one thing that keeps them coming back.

"The sense of joy on their faces and the relationships. Truly, truly relationships that have been forged during these last five years."