Oklahoma Forestry Services Gives Tips For Saving Trees

Sunday, December 22nd 2013, 10:26 am
By: Dee Duren

Oklahoma Forestry Services has tips for Green Country residents hoping to save their trees following an ice storm.

There are some basic steps to give trees the best chance of recovering from damage, after the ice melts and any hazardous limbs are removed. The chances of a tree's survival largely depends on how much of the live crown - branches that make up the top of the tree - are damaged.

December Storm Coverage

Other factors include the tree age (older trees less likely to survive), the species and the health of the tree before the storm.

Here are some links that can help property owners in accessing damage, managing damaged trees and hiring reputable help.

Helping Trees Recover

Will My Trees Survive

Why Hire An Arborist

Go to the Oklahoma Forestry Services web site for more.