Forgotten Sprinkler Creates Picturesque Scene In Tulsa Neighborhood

Friday, December 13th 2013, 9:28 am
By: Richard Clark

A forgotten sprinkler and cold temperatures combined to create a picturesque scene in a Tulsa neighborhood this week.

Shannon Williams says he discovered the sight Wednesday in his midtown neighborhood when he returned home after spending a few days visiting his parents. 

Williams lives on 30th Street between Harvard and Yale. When he pulled into his neighborhood Wednesday, he saw a thick sheet of ice covering the ground next to a church parking lot across the street. He saw several trees and even a utility pole wearing thick skirts of ice.

Williams shared several photos of the phenomenon with the News On 6 share page, then did some investigating.

Visit the News On 6 share page.

Neighbors told him a sprinkler had been left on during the stretch of bitter cold weather this week. The sprinkler sent a stream of waist-high water at the trees and utility pole, creating a photogenic scene that started to disappear as soon as the temperature climbed above the freezing point. 

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