Oklahoma High School Sweethearts Reconnect Online After 40 Years

Wednesday, December 11th 2013, 7:10 pm
By: News On 6

Do you believe in those made-for-each-other love stories? They are often the stuff of fiction, but we found a real one.

After 40 years of failed marriages and other relationships, some high school sweethearts were reunited by Facebook. And it turns out they were living fewer than 30 miles apart, all this time.

"I always had a crush on him," said Susan Bratt.

Actually, it was more than a crush. She and her now husband Terry Bratt dated in high school.

They planned to get married in December 1972, after she graduated from high school. But they didn't.

"He went his way, and I went my way," Susan said.

He did some rodeoing, college and became a policeman. She went to college and became a teacher.

"There's always a place in your heart for that first love," she said.

That was never more true than with these two.

"He had failed relationships, I had failed relationships--in between those failed relationships, I'd always wonder what's he doing?" Susan said.

"We didn't have any contact with each other for 40 years. I'd think of her all the time," Terry said.

Then, one day Susan's sister called her in a panic: "'Susan, I've found Terry on Facebook.'"

His daughter had signed him up. It turned out they had been living fewer than 30 miles apart for 40 years and didn't know it.

They had a couple of Subway dates to get reacquainted.

"From there on, we knew where we were headed," Susan said.

One day on the way to work, Susan saw a sign along the road. It read, "Susan, I Love you" And in tiny letters: "Will you marry me? --TB"

"I was ecstatic," Susan said.

She said yes and, 40 years later than they had first planned, they got married on Susan's birthday, April 12. And like all those "Once upon a time..." stories they plan to live happily ever after.