Watch: Dashcam Video Of Out-Of-Control Truck In Oklahoma Snow Storm

Monday, December 9th 2013, 3:30 pm
By: Richard Clark

Dashcam video proves an Arkansas truck driver deserves a lot of credit for preventing a wreck on I-40 in Oklahoma during last week's snow storm.

Michael Johnson -- a driver from Little Rock, Arkansas -- was eastbound on I-40 west of Henryetta Friday when a FedEx truck ahead of him went out of control. 

Johnson's own dashcam video shows the FedEx truck, which was pulling a tandem trailer, suddenly start sliding out of control. A car in front of Johnson was able to stop, but a large pickup wasn't and pulled to the left to avoid the FedEx truck.  

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Johnson, 43, chose the same escape route. "Basically I saw a small eye of the needle and threaded the truck through it," he told News On 6 via email. 

As the video shows, Johnson headed to the center median. The pickup driver had chosen the same spot, but luckily the pickup kept moving and got out of his way. 

Johnson said that in September he completed 16 years of over-the-road trucking, logging more than 2,000,000 miles. He said conditions in Oklahoma on Friday were bad, but he's seen worse.

He drives for Freymiller, Inc. in Oklahoma City and had left there two hours earlier with a load of frozen meat products bound for New Jersey. He was in Baltimore when he shared his story with News On 6. 

"I installed two dashcams in my truck about three years ago when motorists started to stage accidents with trucks to collect money," he said. He told us this is the third time having a dashcam has paid off.

"The FedEx driver did thank me, saying he thought for sure he was going to die."

Truck driver Jack Adams said the cameras act as a third set of eyes when crashes happen.

"I love it. It's extra protection," Adams said.

With more winter weather approaching, Adams wants those who share the slick roads with truckers to slow down.

"Keep away from us, you know? Give us a lot of room, that's the biggest thing out here with us," Adams said.

Johnson said none of the vehicles contacted each other and the only damage was to the back trailer on the FedEx truck. 

He said he shared his video with News On 6 to show how quickly something can happen on the highway.