Dive Crews, Police Search For Missing Claremore Teen

Monday, December 9th 2013, 3:20 pm
By: Tess Maune

A 15-year-old Claremore boy has been missing now for more than 30 hours. Police fear Keith Chambers may have fallen through the ice of a neighborhood pond.

Police tape is up to keep people from getting back to the pond where divers spent most of Monday afternoon searching.

An airboat was on the pond and a dive team was in the icy water, searching for 15-year-old Keith Chambers. The search is set to start back up around 8:30 Tuesday morning.

"I can't believe it, I mean we just saw him like three or four days ago," said Kenzie Johnson.

Johnson has grown up going to school with Chambers, and she says he's just a little on the shy side.

"He was a shy, quiet kid. He kept to himself a lot and had a couple friends he was kind of close to and talked to," Johnson said.

Police say Chambers went for a walk around 4 o'clock Sunday. He left home only wearing a hoodie, sweat pants, boots and gloves, so when he never came back, his family called police. Officers looked for the boy that night, but didn't find him.

When their search continued Monday, they found footprints leading to a frozen pond and a clear sign that someone or something fallen through.

"There were footprints out onto the ice, and then a hole broken pretty close to the center. Then there were a pair of gloves that were found in the area of where the ice was broken," said Claremore Assistant Chief of Police Charles Downum.

The Tulsa County dive team was called to search the small pond, but working in below freezing temperatures made their job even harder to do.

"The search today was brutally cold. We had some issues with equipment on the divers not working right, regulators and then some buoyancy issues," Downum said.

Police still can't say for certain that Chambers is in the water, so they say they hope their worst fear doesn't come true.

"Our hopes and prayers are with the family that we don't find him in there," Downum said.

Police say Chambers has never been in any kind of trouble. We spoke with a family member of the teen, who said they're worried sick and heartbroken at the thought that he may have fallen through the ice.