Tulsa Woman Offers Reward For Lost Wedding Ring

Monday, December 2nd 2013, 6:08 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman is heartbroken that her wedding band went missing on Black Friday, and she's doing everything she can to get it back.

She's posted it on Facebook and Craigslist, filed a police report and is even offering a reward.

Wedding rings are already sentimental for obvious reasons, but this particular ring has a family history. For Sarah Gaines, it's truly irreplaceable.

Sarah Gaines teaches kindergarten and while she puts on a happy face for her students, her heart is sad. She and her mother were shopping on Black Friday when she remembers taking off her wedding rings to put on hand lotion while sitting in the car around 7 a.m. at the Petsmart near 71st and Memorial. She thinks she put them in the cup holder.

About three hours later, she realized she wasn't wearing them.

"Pure panic and my heart just sank," Sarah Gains said of the experience.

They weren't in the cup holder or in the car, not even in the parking lot when she went back to check.

"Searching through the car, through the bags, on the pavement, tore apart, took out the rugs, everything," she said. "Went into the store to see if anyone turned it in, but no one has, obviously."

Sarah got married about 18 months ago. The rings are sentimental because her husband, Halston, placed them on her finger when he promised to love her forever. They are sentimental for additional reasons as well.

"My grandmother passed away, and she left me a diamond baguette ring," said Sarah Gaines. "We had the stones added to my engagement ring and then, the wedding band - which is an eternity band - some of the stones in it belonged to his mother."

She cried when she posted pictures of her rings on Facebook; cried some more when she posted them on Craigslist and filled out a police report. She says having them gone is like having a part of her heart missing.

"I know a lot of other women have probably gone through something similar, where they've lost it in some fashion, but you don't realize how badly it hurts until it's you," she said.

Sarah is willing to offer a reward, no questions asked.