Shoppers Snatch Up Papers Stuffed With Thanksgiving, Black Friday Ads

Wednesday, November 27th 2013, 10:15 pm

The Thanksgiving holiday and the Black Friday shopping day seem to be merging, and that's led to changes in how people find the best deals.

The Tulsa World newspaper published all their black Friday ads early and people were waiting to get their hands on the paper as soon as it went out.

But the people who have to assemble and deliver it are only ones not looking forward to the stack of ads wrapped up in the newspaper.

"It is the biggest paper of the year, one we all dread," said newspaper carrier Neil Siegfried.

The Tulsa World delivered 100 copies to each Quik Trip Wednesday afternoon, where they were selling fast, at $3 a copy, destined for the strategy shoppers who want to make plans.

"This is the first time we've seen the paper come out early. Just up here to get some stuff, and [my wife is] going to be happy she can look a little bit early," said Craig Jones.

It was a first for the paper to advance the sale ads a half day early, but they have to keep up with stores that are opening early, many on Thanksgiving Day instead of the Friday after.

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There are already people camping out in front of stores waiting for deals, despite a new effort by some stores to stagger the sales and avoid the early Friday stampede.

Jami Sullins was already plotting her plans for Thursday.

"It's usually my mom, my sister and I, and we go to the same store, but to different areas. So, my sister may go to electronics and get all that, I might go to clothes and get that, and then we'll meet up in line," Sullins said.

The streets already have more traffic and stores report they're busier, too, with some people trying to beat the rush and others scoping out the deals they'll pick up later.

Ron Miles was sent to get the paper, but said he won't be shopping Thursday.

"We're not doing the Thursday thing. We're protesting--we're doing Black Friday on Friday," he said.

But the Thursday deals and the Friday deals were all in the paper, making it the hottest item on sale before Thanksgiving.

"Last year, it was five pounds and this one feels every bit of that," Siegfried said.

Some stores will be open all day Thursday, but most big stores are opening at 5, 6, or 8 o'clock Thursday night, some going all night into Black Friday.