OSU Students Camp Out To Be In Crowd For ESPN's 'College Gameday'

Friday, November 22nd 2013, 10:40 pm
By: Tess Maune

Students in Stillwater will be waking up early Saturday--assuming they sleep at all. There's the top 10 showdown Saturday night with OSU facing Baylor, but the excitement starts much earlier, with ESPN's "College Game Day" in town.

Students are already camping out for a spot on the show's front row.

"Gameday doesn't come that often, so it'll be a good time," said Michael Chorley.

Frost is on the ground and tents are lining Library Lawn.

"Once you get in here, it's totally warm," said Hunter Thompson.

Warm or not, Thompson and his roommates are prepared to shiver the night away for a front row spot to: "Get on TV and as close as we can to 'Gameday,'" according to Brandon Young.

And it seems like their tenacity just might pay off.

"The ESPN guys came up and talked to us, saying that we were gonna be the first ones they were gonna let in, they wouldn't let anyone in front of us," Thompson said.

Not all students are up for staying all night in the freezing cold.

"It's way too cold for me to be out in a tent in 30 degree weather," said senior Glen Brockenbush.

But before it got dark, students were out taking in the pre-'Gameday' experience--checking out the buses, taking pictures, even meeting some ESPN personalities.

This the Gameday's fourth trip to Stillwater, but the first time they're visiting for a game that's not Bedlam.

"Baylor's ranked pretty good this year, so we're going to see if we can knock 'em off, get a chance for a BCS bowl game. Totally worth it," Thompson said.

They say it's all worth it for that front row seat, that five seconds of fame, but mostly for the memory that, for these student, will be frozen in time.

"I kind of just what to see everything happen, and like 20 years from now, I want to say I was crazy enough to do this," said Courtney Daniel.