Tulsa Firefighter Recounts Tragic Fire At London Square Apartments

Thursday, November 21st 2013, 5:22 pm
By: Craig Day

Funeral services will be held Monday for two little girls killed in a Tulsa apartment fire. Eighteen-month-old Nylah Moses and 4-year-old Noni Moses were killed in a fire this week at the London Square apartments.

As Osage SkyNews 6 flew over the London Square Apartments at 59th and South Lewis, capturing the urgent efforts by firefighters to save the lives of two little girls, firefighter Mike McClendon had no idea a helicopter was overhead.

"It seemed like it escalated very, very fast," McClendon said.

Other firefighters got Nylah and Noni Moses out of the burning apartment. Noni was handed over to McClendon, since he's also a paramedic.

"It just comes from repetition. And once you're trained to do something for so long, it just becomes second nature and you're in a time a crisis and people are having a crisis, and it's a high stress environment. You don't think, you just act," McClendon said.

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With firefighters Jayme Buck and Trent Morriss on each side, they rushed to get her to an ambulance.

Others treated Nylah in the apartment complex's courtyard.

"We are a team," McClendon said.

Despite every attempt to revive them, both girls died at the hospital. McClendon said the Tulsa Fire Department has an incident debriefing team that talks to firefighters after tragic deaths, and the department has people on staff to talk to firefighters, if needed.

"They provide us with every tool available to cope if we were having an issue," he said.

Despite the outcome, McClendon is proud of his fellow firefighters, who each would say they're just doing their job. But the London Square Apartments fire shows just how dangerous their job can be.

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"I think it's good to have the video to show the public exactly what we do on a daily basis," McClendon said.

And for a father of three little girls, about the same ages of the little ones who died, McClendon said he will always remember what happened there that day.

"I will say the incident definitely made me go home and squeeze my own kids tighter than I might normally do," McClendon said.

The aunt of the two little girls killed in an apartment fire Monday was booked into Tulsa County jail on two complaints of child neglect. Investigators say she was babysitting the children and left them alone in the apartment, while food was cooking on the stove, locking the door and leaving the children trapped inside.