Woman Says She Caught Man Exposing Himself In Tulsa Walmart

Wednesday, November 20th 2013, 5:37 pm
By: News On 6

One woman's bizarre experience inside a south Tulsa Walmart sent her screaming for help Wednesday morning.

Beth Davis headed to the women's restroom at the store on 68th Street and Memorial Drive. As she entered, she was shocked to see a naked man touching himself.

"So, I walked into the restroom, and there was a man completely naked, no shirt, nothing, pants around his ankles [touching himself] in front of the mirror," Davis said.

She ran outside and began screaming for help, but says no one did anything. Then man walked out, fully dressed.

"He was a deer in headlights," Davis said. "That's when he said he really didn't know it was the women's restroom. Really, dude? That's what you have to say here?"

She said she kept screaming for help and when no one came, she whipped out her cell phone and started shooting video.

Video: "My name is Beth Davis and I witnessed it. You were naked and had your pants down around your ankles. Someone stop him. Do not let him go out that door. Stop this man! Stop that man!"

No one stopped him, but another woman who was shopping followed him in her vehicle and obtained his tag number.

Someone in the store called police and the women handed over their information.

Within two hours, police had Brian Hounslow in custody.

Hounslow's booking report shows he admitted to sex crimes and detectives say he was the one who was naked in the Walmart bathroom.

"You know what really made me mad? No one responded to me, number 1," Davis said. "And number 2, what if there would've been a young child who'd gone into that restroom?"

She is glad she had the presence of mind to take video of Hounslow but wishes she would've done one more thing.

"I wish I had my stun gun and stunned the sucker and laid him out then took the movie," she said with a laugh.

Police booked Hounslow for felony indecent exposure.

We contacted Walmart to ask them about the employee response. They said, as soon as a manager heard about the incident, they did contact police. But they will be talking to their associates to see if they could've responded any differently.