FDA Approves Concussion-Diagnosing App Developed By Tulsa Company

Thursday, November 14th 2013, 5:37 pm
By: Dave Davis

A Tulsa company has developed an app to help diagnose concussions in athletes. The FDA approved the app, made by Sway Medical.

You hold your iPhone or iPad to your chest, wait for the ding, and try to hold your balance in several stances.

The idea is that an athlete does this before the season to get a measure of their normal balance, or baseline. After an injury, they do it again to see if they may have a concussion or if there might be another problem.

"Things like ankle instability and being able to see if somebody is more at risk of a possible ankle injury or knee injury--a lot of it goes beyond just concussions. There's a lot of other uses for this," said Sway CEO Chase Curtiss.

For the man behind the app, it's a personal mission. Curtiss got three concussions playing basketball.

Right now, only medical professionals can buy the app.