Hectorville Man Beaten In Front Of Daughter After Injuring Dog

Friday, November 8th 2013, 6:51 pm
By: News On 6

A Green Country man has a broken cheek bone after trying to do the right thing. He accidentally hit a dog that ran out into the road.

"I don't even know how many times he hit me. My only concern was Shawna," said Shawn Crowell, beating victim.

Shawn and his daughter were going home from a friend's house last Sunday afternoon around 4:30 when he accidentally hit a dog.

"A black lab runs right out in front of me. I locked up my brakes. I hit it - I didn't run over it - but I hit it and he took off back and ran to them," he said.

He says he went to the next driveway, turned around and went back to the house. He pulled in their driveway, where people were standing outside, to check on the dog.

"Rolled down the window of my truck and said, 'Is the dog okay?' Didn't get nothing. He put my head in a lock, pulled me out the window and started punching me," Crowell said.

He says the man asked him if he knew the speed limit on the road and kept trying to pull Shawn out the truck window and hitting him. Shawn's blood was on his steering wheel and inside his truck door.

"Only thing I'm saying to him is 'My daughter's in the truck; my daughter's in the truck,'" said beating victim Shawn Crowell.

Shawn got his crying and scared daughter home and called the Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office. A deputy went to the home and found Shawn's broken glasses in the driveway, right where he said it happened.

"I guess he hit me so hard, it broke them in half right there," Crowell said.

Hospital records show Shawn has a facial fracture on his right cheek bone. Now, Shawn says he'll have second thoughts about turning around and checking on a hurt animal, especially if little Shawna is with him.

"I was pretty shocked. It was crazy," he said.

The deputy told me two men were at the house that day, so they're going to need Shawn to pick out the man who attacked him, from a photo lineup, then they can send the case to the District Attorney's office for possible charges.

Shawn says he hates to think what would've happened, had he actually hurt or killed the dog.