Tulsa Police Say Kidnapping Victims Are Lucky To Be Alive

Wednesday, October 30th 2013, 7:15 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa police say two women who were kidnapped at gunpoint are extremely lucky to be alive.

They say it's very rare to survive when a suspect forces a victim to leave one location and go to another, but that's what happened in both these cases.

On Saturday, a woman left a convenience store on Martin Luther King Boulevard, and when she got into her car, a man popped up from her backseat and pointed a gun at her. The gun that had been stolen just a few days before during a home burglary.

"This is a nightmare for victims. You're getting in your car and some guy pops up out of the backseat. It's Halloween and this is the plot of two-thirds of the scary movies. This is the sort of thing that doesn't seem to happen in real life," said Tulsa Police Sgt. Brandon Watkins.

Police say the man forced her to drive to an abandoned house, where he raped her, then forced her to drive to another location, where he jumped out and ran.

Just two days later, police say he saw a woman in the driveway of a relative's home. They say he forced her into her car and made her drive to her home, where he stole things.

She sat off her panic alarm, so her neighbor, who's a relative, came over to check on her and he got robbed, too.

Both women picked Aundra Walker out of line-ups as the man who terrorized them.

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Police say Walker confessed and detectives recovered the gun that was used in both crimes at Walker's home.

Officers are frankly shocked these women are alive.

"You never go mobile. This victim is extremely fortunate," Watkins said.

Police say once a suspect gets you to a second location, you're almost certainly dead, so generally, you shouldn't go, that you're better off making them do whatever they want right there, where someone can find you and get you help. These two women beat the odds.

"It's extremely rare, just simply doesn't happen," Watkins said. "When someone forces you into a car, they've got bad intent. They've got the worse conceivable intent."

Police say, ultimately, whatever you to do survive is the right thing at the time.

Records show Walker pleaded guilty a few weeks ago to concealing stolen property: a pair of Nike Air Jordan shoes.

He was given a six-year deferred sentence and then asked the judge to withdraw his guilty plea.

Now, he's looking at a long list of new charges.