Two More Teens Arrested For Shooting Random Driver On Pine Street

Friday, October 25th 2013, 5:34 pm
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police have arrested two more teenagers are accused of shooting a rifle at a random driver on Pine Street near Utica Avenue.

Matthew Barnhill, 16, was arrested on Thursday, and police were able to learn more kids were involved in the shooting.

Scott Burton said this is the first time he's ever been shot.

He's thankful to be alive, but he is not upset that the bullet hit him.

The day started like any normal one for Burton.

He got in his truck and was headed for the store when...

"All of a sudden, there was a loud ‘pop,' and there was what looked like smoke inside the cab of the truck."

At that time he felt a numbness strike his right forearm.

"It wasn't until I got almost to Peoria that I realized I was actually bleeding I looked at the other side of my arm and saw two openings there," Burton said.

But he still didn't know what happened.

"As I look to the right, I see this hole in the windshield, which tells me at that point, whatever it is it came from outside," Burton said. "Even then, I still wasn't thinking it was a bullet."

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Tulsa Police believe three teenagers were randomly shooting from the roof of an automotive shop.

Officers first arrested Barnhill, who lives in the second-floor apartment with his mother.

"He had stated that they were just having fun and picking objects like dumpsters and tires and so forth and that may have just progressed to let's try to shoot a car," Tulsa Det. Jason White said.

After interviewing Barnhill, detectives came back to the scene to search for more shell casings.

The investigation then led police to 16-year-old Shavon Rumsey and a 15-year-old, whose name has not been released.

Burton was shocked to learn teenagers were responsible for shooting him.

"A fragment of the bullet was lodged in one and the core of the bullet went almost all the way through my arm," he said.

Nearby business owners tell us they have heard things that sounded like firecrackers but never anything that sounded like gunfire.

Burton hopes the incident and arrests will put an end to the shootings.

"If I didn't get shot, how long would it take for anyone to figure out where these are coming from?" Burton said.

Police say they have gotten reports about a bullet hole in another car, but the driver wasn't in the car.

All three teens are being held on a complaint of assault with a deadly weapon.