Suspects Wield Axe In Tulsa Home Invasion

Monday, October 21st 2013, 7:59 am
By: Dave Davis

A Tulsa man told us he was sleeping when burglars crept into his apartment. He woke up to a swinging axe.

We just spoke with Ty, one of the guys who lives at Braden Creek Apartments, near 51st and Yale, who told us he thinks this home invasion was a setup.

He told us burglars knocked and walked right in the front door of his and his roommates' apartment Monday morning.

"They knew exactly where everything was and they had never been in the house before, so, I mean, somebody definitely told them," Ty said.

He said his roommate's girlfriend had let the burglars in the apartment.

Police said the three burglars were wearing masks and were armed with guns.

Once inside, Ty told us they grabbed his roommate's axe and started hacking away at a closet. They took Ty's money and electronics that were inside that closet, he said.

Neighbors we talked to couldn't believe it happened there.

"Everybody does their thing--comes home from work and leaves to work and minds their own business, so it's shocking. It's like, what happened?" said neighbor Amy Hope. "But an axe is a little extreme. It's not caveman days. We don't have any trees that need to be chopped down around here."

Police tell us no one was seriously hurt. They are still looking for the suspects.