Tulsa Student Group Fights Childhood Obesity With Information

Monday, October 7th 2013, 4:42 pm
By: News On 6

A group of students has started a new program to fight obesity in Oklahoma.

It's called "Fuel," because they say food should be seen as fuel for the body.

The students were at Tulsa's Metro Christian Elementary Monday, teaching kids how to make healthy choices with video lessons and games.

More than 30 percent of Oklahoma children are obese. The group hopes education will change that.

They're placing posters in schools, rating foods based on their nutritional value. Foods are rated from zero to three, with the least healthy foods being zeroes or ones, and the foods that provide vitamins and energy getting twos or threes.

Senior Harley Jordan said the idea is for kids to learn to make healthy choices on their own.

"We're not really trying to change the food in the cafeteria, because we don't want to put pressure on the school systems," Jordan said. "It's already very courteous of them to let even let us hang our posters and teach them our curriculum. I think that our main goal is just willing kids to make their own decisions and hopefully pick the healthier foods that are offered in the cafeteria."

The group plans to spread the word across Tulsa, and eventually the entire state.