Rogers County Deputies Conduct Sex Sting In Effort To Win Back Park For Families

Thursday, September 26th 2013, 7:13 pm
By: News On 6

Rogers County deputies are trying to keep the park 33 Landing from becoming a hook-up spot for sex and drugs.

It has become known as a hotbed of criminal activity with strangers meeting for sex and drug use, which is why the Rogers County Sheriff's department conducted a sting on Thursday.

Friday's first suspect came to the park thinking he was going to get paid $300 in exchange for sex.

He and an undercover deputy discussed the details, then the deputy pulled out the money and handed it over before the two men walked out of sight toward a boat ramp.

Moments later, the man walked back up the hill in handcuffs.

Deputies found him through an ad on a website.

While that arrest is happening, a man in a sport utility vehicle pulled up, then flashes his headlights twice at an undercover deputy.

The deputy pulled over and discovered the man has active warrants, plus said he admits he was hoping to hook up with a stranger.

They said he came prepared, with a bag filled with lingerie, high heels and adult items.

The sheriff said this is the type of activity that is not welcome in Rogers County.

"We're not picking on any one group, we're picking on illegal activity," Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said.

According to Walton, citizens frequently complain about the activity at 33 Landing, which is a place where families used to come to fish and play in the water.

The sheriff says it's time to take it back and Zach Rash couldn't agree more.

Rash returned from serving in the military about six years ago and hates to see what the park has become.

"I'll put in at the boat ramp if I'm with friends, but it's not an area I'll take kids to," Rash said.

The THUG task force says it will keep patrolling the area so it once again becomes a place families can enjoy.