Conrad Farms In Bixby Closing 1 Week Earlier Than Expected

Tuesday, September 24th 2013, 9:32 pm
By: News On 6

A popular farm and market in Bixby is closing a week earlier than expected.

For decades, Conrad Farms has provided fresh produce grown right here in Green Country. Vernon Conrad told News On 6, back in July, that the market would be closing on October 2, 2013.

According to its website,, the shop is closing its doors for the last time on September 25.

This message is posted on the farm's website:

"For 3 generations the Conrad family in Bixby has been nurturing fresh vegetables from this very fine Arkansas River Bottom. It has been a proud occupation and very rewarding.

"Now is the time for this family and our family of loyal employees to thank our customers for the last time. Your appreciation will bring us a smile forever, we will close our doors for the last time on Sept 25th 2013.

"If you loved the quality of pecans we consistently offered for your holiday or gifts to family and business associates, our very good friend Bob Knight who grows our pecans has agreed to sell them directly to you. He has purchased our cracking and shelling equipment and is eyeing the best crop he's ever had. Check our website at conradfarms or call Bob at (918) 321-6011 for information. Our Conrad Farms website will remain active for a short time and will eventually become Knight Creek Farms. Our telephone number (918)366-8942 will ring at Knight Creek Pecan Farms. You will be able to purchase pecans at Bob's pecan orchard or at his outlet in Jenks @ 8408 South Elwood.

"Again, thanks for your patronage over the years. We will miss you too. We're taking a well deserved vacation."