Jenks Couple Decides Retirement Is More Than Sipping Coffee

Wednesday, September 4th 2013, 7:12 am
By: Dave Davis

If you think about your retirement dreams, they usually don't include working or running a business. But that is exactly what Virgil and Barbara Moore are doing in Jenks.

Going to a coffee shop everyday may be part of your retirement plan, but what about working in one? Or owning one?

"It got to be real humdrum. There was just nothing to do, and really didn't get enjoy it all," said Virgil Moore.

Virgil Moore was bored with retirement after less than a year and a half.

So after designing and decorating themselves, Virgil, 68, and Barbara, 69, opened Sip in downtown Jenks.

Barbara admits retirement gave her more time for shopping, but for her, coming out of retirement didn't take much convincing.

"When he mentioned the coffee business, I come along with him," said Barbara Moore.

It can be easy to miss, tucked in a small building at 111 East Main that dates back to at least the 1920s.

That's where the Moore's' daughter Dotti comes in. She worked in marketing field in New York for 15 years.

"They just came in here and gutted the place and did the work themselves. And they just did a great job. I think it turned out fantastic," said Dotti Boyles.

Along with giving them ideas for the store, Dotti got them going online, with a Twitter and Facebook account, both are updated every day.

And word is getting around.

"I love it. I love having a local place to come to, so I would recommend it to anybody," said Sandra Weaver, customer.

"Very proud of them. They are so much younger than their years, and I just knew that they weren't ready to retire," said Dotti Boyles.

"We may be older but we're really not that way and we love being around the young people you know, as well as people our age. But you know, we really like people," said Barbara Moore.

Sip opens at 7 a.m. Monday through Saturday.