Man Dead After Bixby House Fire

Monday, September 2nd 2013, 10:29 am
By: News On 6

Bixby Fire Department is investigating an house fire that left one man dead early Monday morning.

The fire burned for three hours. Neighbors say the man who died lived there with his mother.

Fire investigators sorted through the soot in the calm and quiet on 169th Street, trying to find what caused so much chaos and tragedy before the sun came up.

"I kept hearing popping outside my window, and so I came outside when I started to see the lights, and it just, it was a shock," said neighbor Teresa Vick.

Vick was getting ready for work when the fire started. She said she never got to meet the neighbors who lived here.

"The whole house was just engulfed in flames," Vick said.

Firefighters showed up just before 4 a.m.

They found two women standing outside, who said there was still one person inside the house.

"The west end of it over the garage, it looked like some paint, gasoline or something was going off in there, it was very hot," said neighbor Jack Ramsey.

Crews cut through a wall to get to the man. They started CPR as soon as they pulled him out, but they couldn't revive him.

"Oh, I've known them forever almost," Ramsey said.

He said he's lived in the neighborhood for 40 years and he knew the man who died.

"You could call on him if you needed help and that's how I judge him, and if he did in fact go back into a burning house after his mother, that shows good character," Ramsey said.

According to Ramsey, the victim lived in the house with his mother and his girlfriend.

"Can you imagine any better tribute to you than that--you went back in for somebody you cared about? It's tragic and it's sad. This sort of thing happens, but that would be a tribute to him in my opinion," Ramsey said.

The fire department hasn't released the victim's name yet.

The fire marshals have wrapped up their investigation at the scene, but still have not determined a cause.