911 Call Released In Sand Springs Grandmother's Murder

Thursday, August 22nd 2013, 6:37 pm
By: News On 6

Osage County officials say Debi Connor's son shot and killed her Tuesday night outside her home, while two of her grandsons were inside.

Her son, Robert Connor III, is in a Texas jail where he was captured with his 6-year-old son 12 hours after the murder.

If Connor waives his extradition, deputies from Osage County have 10 days to bring him back to Oklahoma.

News On 6 requested a copy of the 911 tape, placed by Connor's 10-year-old grandson, who ran to a neighbor's house and used a cell phone.

The boy was so hysterical, the dispatcher thought it was a woman at first.

"Ma'am, I need you to calm down," the dispatcher says. "What's your address?"

The boy gave a partial address, then told the dispatcher they live in a trailer, and there's a guy in a grey shirt shot his grandma.

The neighbor also called 911 on her home phone. She and Debi Connor had been friends for years.

Since the boy had trouble with the exact address, at one point, the neighbor was both phones, talking to two different dispatchers.

She and Jonathan locked themselves in her bathroom.

Dispatcher: "OK, tell me what's going on."

Neighbor: "My neighbor lives on my land in a fifth wheel. Hello, I've got 911 on my cell and home phone. I live here and my friend lives in a fifth wheel on my land. Her son killed her. Her grandson is in my house telling me this. He's in the bathroom. We're locked in the bathroom.

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Deputies said Debi's son then kidnapped his youngest boy and drove to Texas, where he was arrested and the boy rescued hours later.

Family members are devastated.

"To have someone shot, that happens to other people, it doesn't happen to us," Debi's brother-in-law Tim Connor said. "It's shocking and we're not over the shock yet."

Investigators said both of Debi's grandsons were interviewed by forensic psychologists.

In an email statement, the Connor family said:

"Our family is deeply saddened by this tragedy. We wanted to thank the media, law enforcement, and many other people involved for your support during the recent chain of events.

As you begin to piece together what's happened, you are probably asking yourself "Who is Robert Leroy Connor III?"

We call him Trey.

The Trey we know is a very intelligent young man.

He loves his family.

Sadly, Trey has also been dealing with mental illness for 10 years.

The family recently filed a petition for a mental health hearing and believed that we could protect his two boys by getting temporary custody.

Like many of you, we're also trying to put the pieces together.

Please respect our privacy, as we begin to process the reality of what has taken place."

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