Documents Show Undercover Agent Visited Tulsa's Camelot Cancer Care

Monday, April 29th 2013, 5:51 pm
By: News On 6

A federal search warrant says the owner of Camelot Cancer Care admitted to an undercover federal agent she could be arrested for the treatment provided by her clinic.

Maureen Long opened Camelot Cancer Care in 2007.

The Food and Drug Administration had been looking into Camelot Cancer Care since November 2011.

The FDA says its owner, Maureen Long, had been treating her patients with Laetrile, a drug banned by the FDA and known to cause cyanide poisoning.

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Long told us last week she's done nothing wrong.

"There was never any intentional wrongdoing on our part. Never, never," Long said.

But the documents from the FDA tell a different story.

A federal agent went undercover to Camelot Cancer Care in January 2012. He was posing as the husband of a woman who had breast cancer.

According to the affidavit, Maureen Long admitted they use Laetrile and said that it's absorbed into the cancer cells and releases cyanide, killing the cancer.

The undercover agent said, at one point during the conversation, Long told him she "hoped I was not 'wearing a wire,' as she could be subject to arrest, prosecution, and fines for services provided by Camelot."

That was an indication to the agent that Long knew she was breaking the law. Later, when the agent asked to schedule an appointment he was told it would cost $13,000.

The FDA claims Long, as well as Dr. James Webb and Dr. Lynn Jennings, are committing fraud and preying on their patients.

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"It sounds like it could work," said Sharon DeBruin, one of Camelot's patients.

She and her husband told News On 6 Anchor Craig Day how they came to the clinic from their summer home in Florida, desperate to cure her cervical cancer.

"I want to live, you know? I want to survive, and this was my hope," DeBruin said.

We've been trying to learn more about Maureen Long and her cancer treatment center.

The federal search warrants list a home where we're told several of her employees live.

Maureen Long has owned the home near 65th Place and Sheridan since 2008, according to the Tulsa County Assesor's office.

Sources tell us that several of her employees and family members live there, but we couldn't find anyone to comment.

Long told us over the phone that she denies everything said about her by the federal agent and that she was never there when he came into her clinic.