Tulsa Police Offer Four Rules For Staying Safe On Snowy Streets

Wednesday, February 20th 2013, 5:29 pm

By: News On 6

Driving on slick roads and bridges can sometimes be tricky, especially since we don't experience that type of weather frequently in Oklahoma.

We went on a police ride-along Wednesday, and learned the four things we should all do to be safe in slick conditions.

The golden rules of safe driving aren't that complicated and really apply in all kinds of weather, but we sure saw a lot of people not following them Wednesday, and that's why the number of wrecks always goes up when the snow comes down.

Why does it seem inevitable that we see car wreck after car wreck, when we get some snow on the roads?

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Tulsa Police Corporal Steve Wood said it's because people are not following the four basic rules of safe driving.

"Slow down, back off, pay attention to what you're doing, and signal your intentions," Wood said.

He said the number one mistake people make is driving too fast. Wood said, if you slow down and give yourself at least a two second driving space between you and the person in front of you, then you'll have more time to react defensively.

He said the weather we had Wednesday is not the type where you can be focused on your phone, radio, coffee or makeup, while driving.

"You're driving a 25-pound slab of steel down the road. It really does need you paying attention," Wood said.

All that is great while you're driving, but before you ever begin Wood said it's important to clean off your entire windshield and back window, and don't forget your headlights and tail lights.

Plus, drive with your headlights on in the snow, so others can see you.

If you have a crash in the City of Tulsa during this snowy and slushy weather, you need to know the rules of Operation Slick Streets.

"If you're involved in a collision, and nobody is hurt and there's not a drunk driver involved; exchange information and work it out between your insurance companies," Wood said.

Insurance companies do accept the accident reports you fill out yourself as police reports, and you can find them at convenience stores or online.

Download A Tulsa Police Collision Report

It's also important to know whether you have anti-lock brakes, because whether you do can change the way you should drive in snow. If you have anti-lock brakes, Wood said you should hit the brakes when you skid. If not, he said you need to pump the brakes.

He said it's also good to know if your vehicle has traction control, another invention that can greatly help drivers in slick conditions.

"When your car senses tires are spinning, you're losing control of your car, accelerating too fast, essentially, the car takes over from you," Wood said.

Tulsa has around 50 or 60 car crashes a day, but that number skyrockets when we have slick weather, so if you follow these rules, hopefully you can avoid being one of them.


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