Bixby Teens Remind Parents To Guard Against Underage Drinking

Thursday, January 31st 2013, 5:01 pm
By: Craig Day

The Super Bowl is Sunday, and a lot of folks will be enjoying the big game.

State alcohol enforcement agents say you might be surprised at how many parents let their teens have alcohol for the big event, or don't take steps to prevent teens from grabbing a drink out of the fridge.

A group of Bixby teens hopes to get people to change their thinking and maybe even save lives.

Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement agents say, in Oklahoma, if anyone under age has any traceable amount of alcohol in their system and they're driving, it's an automatic DUI.

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The kids talking with law enforcement officers at a Reasor's store in Bixby Thursday, weren't in trouble; they're good kids, doing a good thing.

"They really want to be a part of something where they feel like they're a part of the solution," said Agent Erik Smoot.

The teens are part of a club called Bixby Safe Team, which tackles youth issues like tobacco and bullying. They were in the cooler section of the store putting special stickers on all of the alcohol.

"I'm making sure that teens are aware that alcohol is not for them," said high school senior Adam Laizure.

The stickers, which say "Checked your fridge lately?" are a reminder for parents on Super Bowl Sunday.

"They're going to look at that sticker, it's going to say, ‘Hey, make sure you know how much beer is in your fridge,'" Smoot said.

The students partnered with ABLE Agent Erik Smoot to put about 1,000 stickers on alcohol containers in the store and even in the stock room.

They hope it sends a message.

"We're just trying to prevent that stuff from happening," said student AJ Harbin.

"It's really easy for teens to get alcohol by their parents, because all they have to do is walk into their fridge," Laizure said.

They want parents to watch to make sure no alcohol is swiped from the fridge, and remind parents of the dangers of allowing teens to have alcohol.

"A lot of parents are lenient on Super Bowl Sunday. They just think it's a time to relax and have fun, so their kids should be able to do it as well, but it's not a very good decision," said Bixby senior Dusty Robinson.

Agent Smoot hopes parents also remember about Oklahoma's Social Host law.

"It says, if you provide a place where minors are able to use alcohol, low point beer or drugs, it's a crime," Smoot said.

Even if you're unaware of the teens' drinking, you can be charged, and if a parent knowingly lets underage people drink, it's a felony.