Bible Survives Fire That Destroyed Jenks Family's Home

Tuesday, January 22nd 2013, 5:29 pm
By: News On 6

One universal truth about house fires is that most anything of any value is lost for heavily damaged by the flames, water or smoke.

Then, occasionally, something remarkable happens, like in the case of one Jenks family, whose home burned in December.

Demolition workers, who were clearing the lot after the fire, found something buried in the ashes that appeared to be untouched by the fire.

It was the family Bible.

Lauren Burns and her family lived at the home in Jenks until last month. A fire started around 7 p.m. on December 14, and burned until about 3 a.m.

There wasn't much left

She said all of her memories were there, and one she'll never forget surrounds the Bible that was recovered from the ashes. She said it was in the home-school classroom in the back of the house, where the fire probably started.

"It was pretty much on fire the entire time. Nothing else made it. All our other school books, markers, our white board—everything was gone," Burns said.

Everything except the Bible.

"It was over here in the classroom area," said Jason Davis, with Titan Quality Construction.

His crew found the Bible when they began to remove debris from the back of the house, and he had the same questions you or I might have.

"Did somebody move that? Did someone put that there?" Davis said.

He said they assured him they found it just as the picture shows as they began removing debris from that part of the house.

As we stood there and talked I found a book on the ground that had been damaged in the fire.

"Someone was watching over us. Someone was trying to prove a point that we are going to be okay," Burns said.

No one was injured in the fire. The family is living in a rental house at the moment, and plan to rebuild on the same lot.