Gun Prices Spike After President Proposes Assault Weapons Ban

Monday, January 21st 2013, 10:30 pm
By: News On 6

The decision to ban assault weapons is up to Congress, but buyers and sellers aren't waiting for its decision to react.

We found out some gun prices have shot through the roof. Gun show organizers and sellers' websites say prices have tripled, especially on the AR-15 and guns similar to it.

Guns became Randy's hobby about five years ago.

"There's just so many things that you can do to them, as far as putting on accessories and just making them to fit," Randy said.

He's got a passion for taking a .22 rifle and adding high capacity magazines, an adjustable stock, pistol grip and lasers to make it look like an AR-15.

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"I don't even hunt; I have a soft heart for animals. I just like target shooting. They are just a lot of fun to target shoot," Randy said.

He said the additions are just for looks and have nothing to do with the power behind the gun.

But they would fall under an assault weapons ban.

He put both altered rifles up for sale on and found out prices have tripled in some cases.

"Panic buying, people are panic buying. People who might have not had an AR before are buying them, the elderly are buying them, and they're just afraid there's not going to be any more," Randy said.

Armslist is a website like Craisglist that only features weapons, putting buyers and sellers in contact with each other.

Individual sellers currently do not have to perform background checks like licensed dealers, but President Obama wants to change that.

Randy has concerns about what the government would do with his personal information.

"If this ends up being a search and seizure, and I kinda feel like that's what they're ultimately trying to do, in the end, they would have my name and could come into my house at their discretion and take my guns," Randy said.

Randy also uses his gun for home protection and said he hopes his gun rights stay protected, too.

Randy has taken down his gun listings on Armslist, for now. He said he wants to keep one, because prices are so high, he may not be able to afford another in the future.