Lifelong Collector Shares Extensive Stamp Collection

Tuesday, January 8th 2013, 5:59 pm
By: News On 6

In an age of cell phones and email, the number of people who use stamps, let alone actively collect them is dwindling.

So, when Rick Wells heard of a resident of Inverness Village whose extensive stamp collection was open for inspection, he jumped at the chance to go have a look.

Bob Rorschach is 90 years old, and has had an interest in stamps since 1929, when he was 7. Most of his early collection is still packed away, but he vividly remembers some of his early finds.

He said he remembers going, "to buy a mint set of Washington Bi-centennial stamps in 1932 at the old post office at 3rd and Boulder."

Rorschach is in the process of having the collection evaluated and deciding what he'll do with it.