Tulsa's Recycling Carts Full With Christmas Packaging

Wednesday, December 26th 2012, 6:22 pm
By: Emory Bryan

There's not another week where the big change toward recycling is more clear.

Normally this is a week with huge amounts of trash to pick up.

Now, the recycling carts are overflowing.

And there's a way to recycle almost everything.

Last year, the city trash service was loaded down with material that could be recycled, but wasn't.

This year, it's the recycling trucks that are loaded down.

"Today we picked up a lot of boxes and paper, a lot of empty beer cans and alcoholic beverages and whatever," Phil Arocha said.

The big change came because of the new universal recycling plan offered by the city.

But there's almost a growing interest in recycling, according to Tom Hill with American Waste Control, who says Tulsans are recycling at least four times as much as they did last year.

"With the normal trash load, and you add in all the holiday gift packaging and wrapping paper, it pretty well swamps us during this time," Hill said.

While the city is collecting more recyclables than ever before, there's a new effort to keep everything possible out of the trash.

Only a few things can go in the recycling carts, but during the "unboxing days" recyclers are encouraging people to do more.

More info on Tulsa's Unboxing Days

"The Christmas lights are new this year, we've been doing Styrofoam for a couple of years," Harley Hollan's Sherry Brunner said.

Harley Hollan is taking cardboard and even big boxes that won't fit into carts.

"You don't even had to break down the boxes or take the Styrofoam out of the boxes," Brunner said. "We really want to make it easy for people."

While the bulk of recycling will end up here, there are options for just about everything leftover from Christmas, including Christmas trees.