Response To Shots Fired Near Tulsa School More Severe Due To Recent Events

Tuesday, December 18th 2012, 11:09 pm
By: News On 6

A shooting scare at a Tulsa elementary school put parents and kids on edge Tuesday afternoon.

It would've been a typical lockdown situation on any other day, but after last Friday's mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, even the possibility of a shooting panicked parents, even though police say no students were ever in danger.

Celia Clinton Elementary was on lockdown for about two hours. The district says it took extra precautions in light of the recent Connecticut shooting.

It was a terrifying moment as parents, grandparents and friends rushed to Celia Clinton Elementary School to find police everywhere.

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"I come to get my babies," said parent Mark Anthony.

Tulsa Police say nearly an hour before school was scheduled to let out, parents heard gun shots across the street from the school.

The parents ran inside and the building was immediately put on lockdown.

"The principal did exactly what we hope every principal does. She locked the school down immediately. That means no one gets in, no one gets out," said Tulsa Public Schools Police Chief Gary Rudick.

As parents arrived to pick up their kids, they were shocked, confused and scared.

"I'm just ready for them to let us go get our kids so we can take them home where I know they'll be safe," said Steven Bruner.

A large portion of Celia Clinton students walk home after school, so police wanted to be sure there was no possible threat in the area before letting kids out.

"We had a shooting in Connecticut last Friday. This is close to a school. Someone hears shots fired and automatically red lights go on, flag goes up and we feel we need to treat this extra cautiously," said Officer Leland Ashley.

K-9 officers searched for the suspect in nearby areas for about two hours.

Police still aren't sure what the suspect was shooting at or why.

After school officials received the all-clear, parents stormed the school's front doors in search of their kids.

"[I'm] just glad to see her. She jumped right up, ready to go. She's a good girl. She likes school. They said she didn't want to leave," Bruner said.

Tulsa Police have not found the suspect.