Tulsa Angel Trees Still Have Thousands Of Kids Who Need Adopted

Friday, December 7th 2012, 6:21 pm
By: News On 6

The Salvation Army's elves work on a more-expedited schedule than their counterparts at the North Pole.

They've got to have your Angel tree contributions ready to go by the middle of next week.

Right now, things look desperately bleak.

The angel trees at Woodland Hills and Promenade Malls are dripping with paper ornaments.

Names of little boys and girls who are hoping for some kind of Christmas morning surprise this year.

But in this case, lots of names on the trees is not a good thing.

The Salvation Army, with your help, is hoping to grant holiday wishes for about 9,500 kids.

But as of Friday afternoon, just over a thousand of these Angel Tree slips have been returned.

At Santa's warehouse -- the Salvation Army's Tulsa toy headquarters –- is where all the packing and distribution takes place.

There's nothing there.

Empty shelves.

Empty boxes.

The group is really worried that this scene is shaping up to mean empty promises come Christmas morning.

Dashed hopes and broken hearts for the thousands of children whose Christmas wishes hang on this tree and others like it.

Because of the sheer scope and size of its mission, the Salvation Army has to work far ahead of Christmas morning.

The deadline for getting all these wishes granted is Dec. 12.

And it's time to brush up on your knowledge of baseball gloves and toy cars.

As usual, hundreds more boy angels than girls are waiting to be adopted.