Tulsa Skyline Shows TU Spirit Night Before Conference USA Championship

Friday, November 30th 2012, 10:25 pm
By: Tess Maune

Tulsa is painting the town blue for TU.

The Golden Hurricane is playing the Conference USA Championship Saturday morning, and the skyline is even showing school spirit. TU is spelled out through the windows at the BOK Tower.

It seems wherever you look downtown, you're going to find signs of support for the Golden Hurricane—from the lights of the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to the newly painted Blue Dome, TU's blue is everywhere.

"What's neat is to see the excitement spreading across the city," said TU head football coach Bill Blankenship.

Blankenship watched as the iconic Blue Dome got a new coat of paint. The shade was "True Blue," of course, to show support for Golden Hurricane football.

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"We're Tulsa's team and we like being that," Blankenship said.

The BOK Tower backs that statement and the south side of the building is beaming support for TU.

"I think it makes us proud that our company is a strong supporter of the community and will allow our resources to be used in that way," said Williams property manager Deann Magness.

More went into it than just flipping a switch to make the 208 windows light up. Building technicians drew up a plan, which included a total 480-window-spanning 12 floors.

"They decide what lights and what floors and windows are going to be involved in the sign in order to create it," Magness said.

There are about four other workers, like Dale here, who went floor-to-floor, and they used the stairs to pull blinds up or drop them down, leaving us with Tulsa's biggest show of school spirit.

Another interesting tidbit—building technicians told us you're actually not seeing the lights themselves in the display, but instead the light reflecting off the ceilings.

The BOK Tower TU Lights will only light up downtown Friday night, ahead of Saturday's Conference USA Championship.