Republican Jim Bridenstine Wins Oklahoma District 1 Congressional Seat

Tuesday, November 6th 2012, 6:24 pm
By: Craig Day

Voters in Oklahoma's First Congressional District have only sent one Democrat since the 1940's to Congress. 

History held true as Jim Bridenstine won overwhelmingly against Democrat opponent John Olson Tuesday. 

After defeating five term incumbent John Sullivan, Jim Bridenstine went from underdog to heavy favorite.  But he said his campaign didn't trust polls and worked hard to attract voters. 

Bridenstine won with more than 60 percent of the vote.

"Well, I tell you what, it's been a long road, it's quite emotional because we started this over a year and a half ago.  All along the way, you never know what the next step is going to result in," said Jim Bridenstine, Congressman-Elect. 

Bridenstine thanked supporters and says he'll work to repeal the Obama Health care overhaul and oppressive measures forced on small businesses. 

"We need people in Washington D.C. that are more interested in fixing the problems of our country than getting reelected and I think I can bring that to Washington D.C.," said Jim Bridenstine. 

His opponent, Democrat John Olsen, thanked his family and supporters after congratulating Bridenstine. 

"We wish him and his family the best as we move forward," said John Olson, congressional candidate. 

Olson says he ran because of partisanship holding the nation hostage.  But he says the people he has met while campaigning have given him a lot of hope. 

"The people I've met, the Democrats, the Independents, and the Republicans together want Washington to stop yelling at each other and get to work to solve our nation's problems," said John Olson. 

Olson urged his supporters to stay aware and stay involved. 

"We need your ideas, we need to see you, we need you to hold our leaders accountable," said John Olson. 

Bridenstine says he also wants to pursue North American energy independence when he gets to Washington.

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