Tulsa Animal Rescue Uses Social Media To Raise Funds To Save Abandoned Dog

Thursday, October 11th 2012, 5:43 pm
By: News On 6

When you try something for the first time, you just never know if it will work. That was the situation for the animal rescue foundation this week.

A dog had been hit by a car, and needed an expensive surgery.

The Animal Rescue Foundation decided to try to raise the money using social media, and the campaign couldn't have worked better.

Animal control picked up a Chihuahua mix that appeared to have been hit by a car.

She was in pretty bad shape.

"She has a broken pelvis a dislocated sacroiliac joint, which is where the pelvis attaches to the spine," said Dr. Kim Huckaby.

She also has two broken legs and a bunch of scrapes and scratches and missing hide, but the folks at ARF said that didn't hurt her disposition.

"She is the sweetest little dog and she really has the will to live. She wants to live, and that's why we were so happy ARF could raise the money to get her fixed," Huckaby said.

ARF decided to send out an online appeal in the form of an email, encouraging folks to contact friends on Facebook and other social media sites, hoping to raise the $1,500 necessary for the surgery.

They said the response has been stunning.

"Within 24 hours we raised $1,300. We need $1,500, so we're almost there," said Jaynie Osmunt.

Of course, that just gets them started—there's the continuing care she'll need for weeks, if not months, until she's all healed up.

By the way she has a name: They've called her Phoenix, for obvious reasons.

"I thought it was apt. She was fallen and broken and she's gonna come back," said Claire Glossup.

Glossup is an ARF super volunteer, who got the naming rights.

Phoenix woke up from her surgery, eyes wide open, not wanting to miss anything.

Little Phoenix is on her way back, thanks to ARF, some caring veterinarians and a bunch of online friends she didn't know she had.

If you'd like to help or would like more information on the work ARF does, go to ARFTulsa.org