Broadcasting Equipment Arrives At New Griffin Communications Building

Wednesday, August 29th 2012, 6:40 pm
By: Emory Bryan

News On 6 will soon move to the Brady District and the new Griffin Communications Media Center, and Wednesday was a milestone in the building process.

Everything that's happened, so far, in the new Griffin Communications building has been basic construction.

Truckloads of drywall are arriving and, while the outside looks close to complete, on the inside, dozens of workers are wrapping up the heavy construction.

It's a long way from being finished, but a major new phase started with the arrival of three semi loads of equipment.

"This is the first broadcast equipment that's arrived for the new building," said Director of Production John Quesnel.

Griffin Communications took delivery Wednesday of most all of the television technology for the Media Center.

That's almost all of the electronic pieces that make a new building into a new television station.

"That is all of the broadcasting technology and some IT infrastructure," said Gerald Weaver, the Chief of Engineering.

It's happening now, because the hub of all that technology is in the middle of the building, and it's ready for the equipment.

All of those electronic pieces are stacked up in boxes, while even more is off loaded from the trucks making the delivery.

The studio and the newsroom are both nearing completion, but it's still going to take several months to install and test everything that News On 6 uses to create a newscast.

The timeline of when we'll move hasn't changed. You'll see the first broadcasts from the new building in January.

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