From The KOTV Vault: A Look Back At Vans Of The 1970s

Friday, August 24th 2012, 4:11 pm
By: Richard Clark

Editor's note:  Moving day is fast approaching for News On 6.  Before we can move into our new building, we have to take inventory of everything in our old one.  We've found some real treasures in the thousands of hours of videotapes we've dug through and we're sharing them here. 

The Bee Gees were on the radio, bell bottom jeans were on store shelves, and custom vans were in a lot of driveways.  

The time was the late 1970s.  In what some would call a rare example of the Oklahoma Legislature being in tune with the times, lawmakers decided to give van owners a break on their license tag fees.

Reporter Bob Duff filed this story on November 15, 1977.  Watch the video to see the purple shag carpeting and white-letter tires, and be transported back in time. 

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