Highway Closed, Homes Lost In Creek County Wildfires

Friday, August 3rd 2012, 5:26 pm
By: News On 6

Firefighters are still battling an out-of-control grass fire that has eaten its way across Creek Country.

Several homeowners already know they've lost everything, and others are waiting with bated breath tonight.

As thick smoke fills the sky, homeowners try to keep back the flames.

Dana Mitchell's fire was threatened by the fire Friday.

"It's scary. When a tree goes up like a match, it's a reality check real quick," Mitchell said.

The fire quickly took over parts of Creek County. The emergency management team said approximately 20 structures have been lost.

One of the homes lost belonged to Sarah Brunt's family.

"My mom's house is gone. I just live right next to her and they're at my sister's fighting now. Everybody's losing everything," Brunt said.

Brunt said the fire traveled so fast, they weren't able to grab much.

"Just my cousin's pictures. I don't have any clothes. My mom doesn't have anything left. Nothing," Brunt said.

Since OHP has blocked off part of highway 33, many are waiting at a local gas station, wondering what's left.

"It's hard. It's really hard cause we can't even go home," Brunt said.

The fire is putting strain on the crews who are battling it.

Mitchell brought 30 cases of water and others have brought food for the 200 or so first responders helping with the fire.

"My dad lives right down the street. It's working its way towards his house, so I wanted to get out here and make sure I help him, help the fire department with whatever they needed," Mitchell said.

Creek County emergency management said one firefighter had been treated for second degree burns and at least two others have suffered from heat exhaustion.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs and National Guard helicopters are assisting, as well as several surrounding fire departments.

The Red Cross shelter previously opened at Freedom Hill Baptist Church will close Friday night due to power outages. Another Red Cross shelter will be opened at the First Baptist Church in Mannford, 105 Greenwood Ave. That shelter will open at approximately 8:30 p.m.