Woman Accused Of Stealing Over $50,000 Worth Of Drugs From Vet Clinic

Monday, July 30th 2012, 10:29 pm
By: News On 6

Authorities are trying to track down a Rogers County woman wanted for stealing more than $50,000 worth of painkillers.

Investigators said the woman took the prescription medications from the veterinary clinic where she worked.

She's on the run and faces 59 drug charges.

Amanda Limmer was in charge of ordering, unpacking, and stocking all the prescription medicine at Catoosa Small Animal Hospital.

The chief investigator for the Oklahoma State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, Dale Fullerton, said Limmer used that cover to steal 11,000 pills and 2 1/2 gallons of hydrocodone syrup.

"She had free reign to do whatever she wanted, so there was no system of checks and balances in place to stop this from occurring," said Fullerton.

Court documents state Limmer ordered extra pills for her and never entered them into the clinic's inventory.

Investigators traced her actions back to October 2009 and said they believe she stopped in July 2011, only because she was fired for falsifying her timesheet.

The worker who replaced Limmer noticed odd dosing amounts on previous orders and the clinic notified authorities.

"It's one of the larger ones. I've had some more that were larger in scale, over a shorter period of time, but this one went quite a while before it was detected," Fullerton said.

Limmer is accused of stealing hydrocodone, oxycontin, and some benzodiazepines.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics said these painkillers typically go for $3 to $5 per pill on the street.

They say 11,000 pills could bring in as much as $55,000.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Limmer but investigators believe the drugs are long gone.

"You may get away with it for a little while, but eventually it's going to catch up to you and ultimately you will pay the price," Fullerton said.

Investigators said they found emails from drug wholesalers on Limmer's personal computer.

OBN said when they questioned Limmer in the early stages of the investigation, she denied everything and said she was allergic to hydrocodone.