Will be at Kid's Camp This Week.

Sunday, July 15th 2012, 7:31 pm
By: News On 6

After what showers/storms pop up this afternoon and dissipate this evening, we will be left with only a few isolated showers/storms at best for the coming week. There is just enough residual moisture around and should be just enough cloud cover to keep us below triple digits for Monday, and we should be near triple digits on Tuesday, but after that it looks like a rather extended period of triple digit plus temperatures. In other words, a rather boring forecast situation with the only real question being how much above 100 to go for later this week and the coming weekend.

So, thought I would use this venue to put in a shameless plug. I am often asked for a recommendation for places to go fishing. Since I do not own a boat, my preference is for the smaller bodies of water which are abundant around the state and offer some very good fishing. The following link is buried in our newson6.com home page, but I think offers some useful information for you anglers out there. Here it is: http://www.newson6.com/story/7460452/dick-faurot. You can ignore the propaganda about me and focus on the links on the right side.

Here is a bit of an explanation. The "Fishing with Faurot" link is where you can post photos of your latest, greatest catch. I think most of the other links are pretty self-explanatory, but I want to draw your attention to a couple in particular. The link to the "Pond Boss Forum" is particularly helpful for those of you who own or have access to ponds and smaller bodies of water. You will find a wide variety of very helpful information in the forum which is moderated by folks who really know what they are talking about. They also publish a magazine designed for ponds which I find very informative.

The other link I want to call your attention to is the "Oklahoma Water Atlas". This is a web link to a publication from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board which has some very useful information not just for the major lakes but also many of the more obscure smaller water supply and water shed lakes across the state.

Another reason I mention these links regarding fishing is I will be out this week at Camp Tulakogee on Ft Gibson Lake. This is a beautiful facility utilized by young and old alike, but the focus this week will be on the hundreds of 3rd – 6th graders that will be attending. Among the many activities that are available is fishing along the side of the lake. That will be one of my responsibilities and would appreciate any good thoughts or prayers that you could send our way this week. Despite the heat, the kids always manage to catch a lot of fish and have a good time.

Dick Faurot