Tulsa Police Arrest Suspect In Police Impersonator Case

Wednesday, July 11th 2012, 4:20 pm
By: News On 6

Police said they arrested a man Wednesday afternoon on complaints of impersonating a police officer to extort money, in connection with an incident Sunday night.

Adam Odell McAdoo, 25, from Tulsa, was also arrested back in May for kidnapping and extorting money from someone, while posing as a bounty hunter. He posted his $125,000 bond then and was released.

He was booked Wednesday on complaints of impersonating an officer and larceny.

On Sunday, a Hispanic man told police that two men followed him home in a dark green minivan. Police said the men, appearing to be law enforcement, with guns and radios on their belts, pulled in behind the man and approached him.

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Tulsa Police said the men detained him and asked to see his immigration papers. They asked him to hand over everything in his pockets, and he did. After rummaging through his belongings, they told him they had been notified over police radio that he had no warrants and was free to go.

After they drove off, the man realized that the men were not police officers, after all, and they had stolen $200 from his wallet.

McAdoo was accused in May of approaching people with warrants, claiming to be a bounty hunter.

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Dietrick Mure said McAdoo came to his apartment and knocked on his door. He told Mure that he was a bounty hunter and that he would take him to jail if Mure didn't give him $600. He then took Mure to a nearby QuikTrip, where he had Mure get the money out of an ATM.

According to police, McAdoo then pocketed the money instead of taking it to the bail bondsman.

McAdoo was booked into a Tulsa County jail on Wednesday, and will now be held on a $1 million bond.