Former NFL Players Take Part In Mayor's 'Bridges Of Faith' Program

Friday, July 6th 2012, 10:17 pm
By: Tess Maune

From a hard-knock beginning to a pro-athlete ending, a pair of former NFL stars is in town to help inspire youth in north Tulsa.

It's all part of Mayor Dewey Bartlett's new Bridges of Faith initiative.

Bridges of Faith is a program created to help bring the community together, while keeping kids off the streets in the summer months.

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Two former NFL players shared their story of making it to the top at the Tulsa Dream Center Friday afternoon.

Shaun and Jerome King grew up in a neighborhood with few people to look up to, much like the kids in the audience Friday.

"No matter how poor you grow up or how rich, you're not born a winner or a loser, you're born a chooser," said Shaun King.

The brothers both managed to make it out of their small town in Louisiana, and make a name for themselves in The NFL.

It was a message of strength with a powerful punch behind it.

The Kings have moved from making blocks on the field, to breaking bricks for a crowd—all to send a message to high-risk youth that anything is possible.

"I believed in myself, and that's the main thing. You have to believe in yourself. You have to believe you're a champion, because if you don't believe you're special, why should someone else?" Jerome King said.

There are a number of Bridges of Faith activities planned this summer, including several basketball games.

For a full schedule and more information click here.