Oklahoma's Own Oasis, Natural Falls State Park

Monday, July 2nd 2012, 3:55 pm
By: Craig Day

We have some ideas for you to help make this the best summer ever, including some summer road trips with spots worthy of getting off the highway and experiencing the beauty our state has to offer.

At Natural Falls State Park, in northeast Oklahoma, it's 47 steps to the base of the falls, but it's a journey that's well worth it.

The 77-foot waterfall cascades into another world.

"It's a nice, quiet oasis kind of just tucked away here in the Ozarks," said park representative, Charlotte Cooke.

The rocky ridge of the park is full of oak trees. At the bottom, it's an oasis complimented with a totally different kind of plant life.

It's a moist environment for ferns and flowers and a relaxing sound like you'll hear in few other places in Oklahoma.

"It's nice and peaceful, and green and quiet," said park visitor, Chris Stacey.

Observation platforms and decks give you the chance to take in the beauty of the falls, as well as the wildlife and wonder of the scenery.

"Oklahoma is great. It has just a little bit of everything to offer," said Cooke.

Even if you haven't ever visited Natural Falls, if it looks familiar to you, it may be because scenes from the 1974 movie Where the Red Fern Grows were filmed there.

The moving water has created caves and unique features in the limestone rocks, which are home to bats and salamanders. It's also created picture-perfect moments for people willing to take the time to visit.

"I would like a recording of this to play at bedtime," said visitor Dot Tietz. "This is, this is very relaxing."

Although you can't take that sound with you, you can leave with great memories.

It's a small price to pay—$4 and 47 steps—for such a wondrous reward.

Natural Falls State Park is just off U.S. Highway 412, near the Oklahoma-Arkansas state Line.