Candidate Files For Recount In Rogers County Sheriff Race

Friday, June 29th 2012, 12:52 pm
By: Dee Duren

A candidate for Rogers County Sheriff has filed for a recount following Tuesday's election. Cole Butler submitted the petition for a manual recount Thursday, according to Julie Dermody, Rogers County Election Board Secretary.

"He's calling for 11 of the precincts to be recounted," Dermody said. There are a total of 36 precincts in Rogers County.

Election results show that current Sheriff Scott Walton received 5,481 votes or 63.2 percent of votes cast in the election. Butler received 3,194 votes or 36.8 percent.

Dermody said it was unlikely that the manual recount of about 2,900 ballots would change the election results.

Butler called for a manual recount because some of his supporters expressed concern that the use of new voting machines may have caused errors, she said. He paid a $600 fee for the recount petition.

The recount process will begin Monday when a Rogers County judge will confirm the security of the ballots, then election board will begin the recount.