Sand Springs Fireworks Permit Can Save $500 Fine

Sunday, June 10th 2012, 4:26 pm
By: Tess Maune

With the 4th of July just weeks away - Green Country is gearing up for firework season. It's the patriotic flair that symbolizes our country's independence.

But before the fun bursts into action, you should know that some cities require a permit for shooting off fireworks.

Black Cats, Roman candles, sparklers and more. Sand Springs has required firework permits for the past several years.

"Hopefully by doing this, we can prevent some people from being injured," said Sand Springs Fire Marshall Stan Smith.

"In the previous years prior to use starting the permit process, people were doing their own thing," he said. "They were going out shooting fireworks on their own, and we were overwhelmed with calls."

Smith says the permits have helped reduce those calls, while increasing patrols. The permits costs $20, which helps put more officers on the street during the busy holiday..

"The money that's generated from the permits, that's primarily the function for those fees is to cover extra off time or over time for officers to come in and patrol the areas," he said.

But Smith says the permits cover more than just overtime.

"We give them a list of tips to use, safe, safety: knowing what to do it a firework does not discharge - give it time, give it space, don't walk right up on it," said Sand Springs Fire Marshall Stan Smith.

Jenks and Broken Arrow also require a $20 permit to shoot of firecrackers inside city limits. Each city says it's serious about enforcing the rules.

So, if you don't pay for a permit, you could have to pay a fine for as much as $500 - depending on the town and the offense.

In Sand Springs, those who purchase a permit will be given a flyer. Officers on patrol will be looking for the flyer - they ask that they're posted on a mailbox, or in a place that they're visible from the road.