Sheriff's Office Honors Law Enforcement For Tulsa Courthouse Shooting Response

Wednesday, June 6th 2012, 1:52 pm

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office honored 15 law enforcement personnel for what it calls heroic acts during a shooting incident outside the County Courthouse on March 7.

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At a ceremony at the courthouse, Sheriff Stanley Glanz honored the men and women for their efforts during an incident in which Andrew Dennehy, 23, walked onto the courthouse plaza in downtown Tulsa and started shooting a pistol into the air.

Deputies on duty at the courthouse confronted the man and shot him. One deputy, David Fortenberry, was shot in the hand.  

It's been a long three months for Fortenberry and his wife, Janet.

"I just never really gave a thought of what really would happen if something like this were to go about," Janet said. "It was not a call I ever expected to get, especially this quickly, I guess you could say."

The 25-year-old deputy was shot in both hands.

"Entered through the left, went in to the right, broke, shattered the tip of my left ring finger," David Fortenberry said.

His wounds have healed, but the emotional impact of that day has taken a toll.

"Ii have not been back to work yet," he said. I've been going through therapy three days a week. It's, it's been kind of rough," David Fortenberry said.

But by his side, every step of the way is his wife, and their 4-year-old son.

"I think we've realized how short life can be and that we're thankful that we have the time we have," Janet Fortenberry said.

So for now they're cherishing that precious time together," Fortenberry said.

"He kisses daddy's boo-boos all better and that makes everything better," Janet Fortenberry said.

Some of life's best medicine.



The ceremony Thursday recognized the following personnel with the law enforcement version of medals and awards:

Law Enforcement Purple Heart

  • Deputy David Adam Fortenberry

Medal of Valor

  • Deputy David Adam Fortenberry
  • Corporal Dennis Miller
  • Deputy Stephen Culley

Meritorious Service

  • Captain Larry Merchant
  • Sergeant Judy Pounds
  • Deputy David Pool
  • Deputy Brandon Montgomery
  • CSO Tammy Johnson
  • CSO Marjorie Mears
  • CSO Betty Allen
  • OHP Trooper Shilo Hall

Letters of Commendation

  • Detention Officer Brandon Johnson
  • Sara Gadd
  • Patti O'Donnell
  • Kim Watson