Tulsa Man Camps Out For Black Friday Deals

Tuesday, November 22nd 2011, 10:15 pm
By: News On 6

The Black Friday frenzy is beginning even earlier this year. In fact, Black Friday is turning into Black Thursday with major retailers opening their doors as early as 9 p.m. 

According to the National Retail Federation, more than 150-million shoppers are expected to hit the stores this weekend.

One Tulsa man is already there, and determined to cash in on a Black Friday best buy. He's so determined he's not leaving until he has his merchandise in hand.

He's battling the elements, but Phillip Thompson insists camping out in front of Best Buy isn't too much of a hardship. 

"Not much of a home. But I got a little propane heater on the way, so I'll stay warm tonight," Thompson said. 

He says he's not a die-hard shopper -- that's his wife. 

"She's what Black Friday is all about it," he said. "A couple a years ago she asked me to get up and go with her, so I did. And I said never again." 

But Best buy offered him a deal he couldn't pass up.  A 42-inch LCD for $199.00. 

"When she seen it, I said 'oh well, this year I'll make an exception,'" Thompson said.

"I talked to him when I came in. I said, ‘are you crazy? Do you know where you are?' He's like ‘I'm fine. I want this TV really bad,'" said Jessica Lang, Best Buy Manager. 

Thompson has had his fair share of hecklers and admirers.  And he's planning to stick it out morning, noon, and night, straight through Turkey Day.

"I generally cook the dinner. She said this year I'll make an exception. She called my mother-in-law. They're going to cook the dinner. I said 'Bring me a plate,'" Thompson said. 

And he doesn't believe he'll be by himself for long.

"There's not very many of them TV's available. I don't know if they're as crazy as I am or if they want a TV as bad as I do, but if they do they better get up here in line!" he said.

And Black Friday shoppers aren't the only ones getting an early start. You don't have to wait for Cyber Monday for online shopping deals, and you can camp out in front of your computer from the comfort of your own home.

Some retailers like Best Buy, Home Depot and Barnes and Noble are offering deals online by the hour.

Click here for the full list of companies and times.

Offers will include free shipping specials, dollars off, percentages off, and free gifts with purchase.