LeAnne's Big Give: Meet Jenks Teen Who Stole Her Heart

Tuesday, November 8th 2011, 10:04 am
By: LeAnne Taylor

We asked and you've delivered.  Six in the Morning had more than 400 nominations for our Big Give and they are still coming in.  And while it's hard to choose, I think you'll see our latest recipient is quite deserving.

A 17-year-old Jenks student, Tylor Gough, and his mom, Angie Puckett, thought they were at Jenks High School for a teacher's conference but they were about to hear some news that would change their lives. 

Tylor has been chosen by our Big Give to get the wheelchair they've been needing. 

Tylor's grandmother nominated him, telling Six in the Morning that he'd outgrown his current wheelchair.   

"This chair is falling apart. I have to fix it almost daily. The armrests are tearing up and half the time the brakes don't work. He's so big he almost doesn't fill in the seat. I know he is very uncomfortable in it," said Tylor's grandmother Joyce Brown. 

"He doesn't fit in it. It doesn't work well anymore. Falls apart all the time. Been battling with the insurance to get another one for years now," said Angie Puckett. 

But that's going to change.

We showed his mom and grandmother a sample wheelchair that Tylor is getting.  It is custom made for Tylor.

Tylor was born with Cerebral Palsy and Autism but he's still able to communicate.

"He speaks in sign or he has an iPad now or he can type on his computer so he will either type to talk to us or his sign language," said Angie Puckett. 

"You're part of LeAnne's Big Give, can you say 'thank you' to grandma and to LeAnne?" said Tylor's physical therapist assistant, Christine Miller. 

"Thank you," said Tylor Gough. 

Miller has been working with Tylor for the past 10 years. 

"We do work on his walking and of course his transfers and just generally strengthening of his legs. He's had several surgeries over the last couple of years which has caused a decline in his function and so we're trying to get him back up to where he was previously," said Christine Miller. 

Miller says the new chair will allow the family more flexibility and grandma agrees. 

"It'll be so much easier for him to go places because on that one, the feet fall off half the time and he needs.  Because he loves to go shopping. I used to take him with me all the time shopping.  Walmart is one of his favorite places," said Joyce Brown. 

Tylor's got some birthday money to spend and with the new chair he'll be ready to go. He's a deserving young man and someone who's stolen my heart.   

"I love LeAnne," said Angie Puckett. 

Insurance for Tylor's chair would only cover part of the cost, so we're making up the difference.  We just got word on Friday that everything's approved and he'll be able to go get his new chair soon. 

And I promised Tylor I would mention that he's a huge Alan Crone fan!  He loves watching him every morning! 

Tune in next Tuesday, November 15, 2011 to see who's the third recipient of the Big Give will be.