Libyans Living In Tulsa React To Muammar Qaddafi's Death

Thursday, October 20th 2011, 1:46 pm
By: News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- Libyans in Tulsa have been glued to their televisions and computers.

Bashir Milad has been watching the Al Jazeera network on satellite and combing the Internet for news since word of Qaddafi's death early Thursday morning.

"It's a happy for the Libyans. It is good news. It is something that will end all the fighting over there," said Bashir Milad.

Milad says Qaddafi is the reason he left Libya in 1980.

"I think it will stop most of it. There will probably be some skirmishes here and there, but I don't think there will be major fighting anymore," said Bashir Milad.

The overthrow of Qaddafi gave Libyans encouragement. Milad says the capture and execution, confirmed by grisly video of the corpse, gave hope that the change is permanent.

"Maybe this is the start of a new system, a new government, a new Libya," Milad said.

After months of fighting - and uncertainty about whether or not Qaddafi was even still in the country, October 20th will be the day that changed everything.

Milad says he's ready to go back and see how things have changed.

"Actually today is a happy day and all Libya is really enjoying it, they are celebrating the victory and I hope that this is the end of all of this bloodshed, all of the fighting," he said.

He says whatever happens, Libya will be better off than it was. He's hoping Libyans will embrace democracy.